Benefits of Drinking Water – Video

As per a report, in a human body the amount of water ranges from 60-75% which is quite a lot. So our body itself proves that water is vital. It not just uses to cleanse your body from inside out and helps in flushing out the toxins and it helps in keeping your skin glowing and hydrated. Its also beneficial for your immune system, headaches, and helps you to concentrate better. Water is essential not just for your skin, immune system, prevents constipation but it also helps in reducing those extra fats.

If you drink luke warm water before your meal and after your meal it will definitely help you to reduce those extra fats that you are always fighting for to get rid-off. More and less try to drink at least 3 litres of water throughout a day. In which drink more water in the day time as compared to night. You can keep a personal water bottle with you to keep a check how much water you are consuming.

Remember one more thing, one can’t drink water in access in one go. So, gradually increase the quantity day by day. If you still don’t like to drink water, you can always go for flavoured water and here I am not talking about those packaged bottles. You can make flavoured water at home. Simply slice some lemon, cucumber and chopped mint leaves in a jug, fill it with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a night. Consume this water next day and you can refill the jug whenever you feel like. Similarly you can also add apple or strawberry. This flavoured water helps to flush out toxins from the body.

So if you want a glowing healthy skin, soft tame tress and fit body and alert mind then start drinking water and always remember beauty lies within.



Do you want to find your perfect lipstick?

Oh this is great.. Something that will fascinate you ladies while buying a lipstick for you. I follow a simple rule before buying a lipstick shade. Either it should blend with my skin tone or compliment it in a contrast completely!!

Fit and Flare

It’s nice to wear lipstick, perhaps not everyday, but when you want to look a bit more obvious. It can pull an outfit together. And it draws attention to your face, which is important. All this discussion about clothes and body shape – the most important part of your look, the part humans are fascinated with from birth, is your face.

3 week old baby focuses on Mother Kit focuses on his Mummy’s face

Yet choosing the right shade can be very difficult.

Do my lips look good in these colours? Do my lips look good in these colours?

One of reasons is that putting colour on the back of your hand doesn’t really help. We do it because we have seen people do it from time immemorial, but all it does is make your hand stained and sticky. Not nice. The only way to select a lipstick that suits you is to try it on – on your lips. This however is a health…

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Protein Strengthening Hair Pack – To Combat Hair Fall and Hair Re-growth

After Using this pack for 3 months – hair fall is just negligible, hair is soft and shiny and its growing healthy can’t say much about volume, I guess I need to use this pack for at least an year to find out the drastic change; right now I am absolutely in love with this pack! <No Filter, No edits for this Picture>


Since I am combating with hair fall and hair thinning; I keep ensure to eat healthy and do regular hot oil massages and follow the other remedies and tips for hair regrowth. In this list, I want to add this wonderful hair pack which has done wonders on my hair. Hair fall is absolutely reduced and now my hair is more manageable, soft and silky. This protein pack consists of legumes, egg, amla & shikakayi, hibiscus flowers, fenugreek seeds and other goodness which helps in keeping your tress beautiful and healthy.

Protein Hair Pack
Protein Hair Pack

This pack not just gives nutrients to hair follicles but also provides nourishment to roots which results into stronger hair and less hair fall. In my previous posts, as I have discussed the benefits of fenugreek and hibiscus and also the role of protein in our hair. This protein pack provides all the essential nutrients. Applying this pack is simple and requires some simple steps to be followed.  And make sure; apply this pack once in a week. I am using this pack from last one month and me simply loving it.

Now I will discuss, How to apply this pack?

Hot oil massages are always good for your hair and scalp. In promotes hair growth and also helps in regulating the blood into our head. If you are facing issues like hair thinning and hair fall, one of the major reason is no blood circulation towards your head. It’s been said, “Head Stand Yogashan” is a beneficial for the blood circulation towards your head but it requires supervision otherwise you can face severe problem in your neck if it’s not done properly. Other method is applying hot oil and massages the whole head while pressing the points.

  • In this method, apply hot oil on to your head while giving at least a 10 minute massage followed by a hot towel method. Hot towel helps in opening the pores of our scalp results into deeper penetration of oil and also the pack is absorbed by the roots properly. Thereafter, apply this pack on roots and on whole hair and let it sit for at least an hour. Wash it with herbal shampoo and condition as normal.

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