HAIR TIP of the DAY – Hair Concoction

I just realized I am not sharing hair tips these days! So, today’s post is on hair and a beneficial DIY hair concoction.

We all know hair oil and massaging is very important for hair growth and to enhance blood circulation. However, if you are facing issues like hair fall, scalp infections, dandruff etc. normal hair oil may not help you to get rid of these issues. Currently I am obsessed with essential oils. Essential oils are not just good for skin but for your hair as well. The idea is same, you need a base oil i.e. coconut, almond, olive, jojoba oil or argon oil and one or two essential oils based on the hair concerns you are facing.

Hair loss problem

The best known essential oils for hair are – Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Tea-Tree, Peppermint, Lemon, Clary Sage and Chamomile and many more. I can talk for ages when it comes to it usage. But today I will talk about 2 essential oils used for hair growth and dandruff. These 2 essential oils are tea-tree and lavender essential oils. In my previous posts, I have already discussed about the benefits of essential oils.

The most common hair concerns are hair fall and dandruff and we mostly look for products which can treat these concerns but mostly we forget to treat our scalp. Both the concerns are related to scalp which means if it’s not treated right may lead to advance problems. Lets discuss the DIY to treat these problems. Continue reading HAIR TIP of the DAY – Hair Concoction

Easy DIY Makeup Remover

Oops! Did you run out of makeup remover? And your eye-make is kinda intense waterproof and you are having hard time removing it with your normal face wash and water?

The best way to remove makeup is with makeup removing solutions or with makeup remover pads. Market is full with such makeup removers and some of them are really good and safe to use. In fact most of the branded makeup remover are safe to use.

This DIY Makeup Remover is easy to make and replaces all the branded makeup removers if you ran out of one and looking for an easy and safe alternative moreover its cost effective. Try this DIY and you won’t be disappointed.


Makeup removers are nothing but a solution of water and oil that’s why all makeup removers suggest you to shake the bottle before using it. Oil and water helps in loosening the makeup particles and helps in removing all waterproof make up easily. The oil glides on your skin surface and removes the makeup particles.

Note – Remember while cleaning your eyes, put the cotton pad dipped in makeup remover over your eyes for few seconds. Pat the cotton pad lightly on eyes and then swipe to remove makeup. Putting or dabbing the cotton pad for few seconds will help to break the makeup particles results into easy makeup removal process. This step applied to all makeup removers.

In today’s tutorial you just need 3 ingredients to make this wonderful yet cheap DIY makeup remover. For the oil base I am using olive oil as its great for skin and have healing properties. People use baby oils in their makeup removers but I am not a fond of baby oils in makeup removers as they are made of vegetable oil and it’s lightly fragrant which is not good for your eyes in my belief. Olive oils are safe and are organic.

Now what are rest two ingredients, for that keep reading this post to find out the ingredients and method to make this makeup remover – Continue reading Easy DIY Makeup Remover

DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder

First of all sorry for being invisible for so long therefore to compensate it; in today’s post I am sharing 2 DIY products – DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder.

I have already discussed about contouring and highlighting and how it is vital to make for face more structured and chiseled. I have also shared the DIY bronzer cream which was cream based. In today’s post I m sharing the compact based Bronzer and Powder which can be made with simple things at home and results same as those you buy from the market.

DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder
DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder

Additionally I have added Tea-Tree essential oil in these DIY products to make it more beneficial. We all know that Tea-Tree when applied on skin is amazing over infections and acnes. It’s great to reduce those acne blemishes and dark spots. It’s an effective anti-viral and anti-fungal home remedy and has several other benefits. I simply believe in investing over these great essential oils to make my DIY products more beneficial as well as valuable.

Another product which you need to make these DIY products is Rubbing Alcohol (commonly known as surgical spirit in India). It will act as a solvent and it evaporates later (you need to put it in refrigerator to remove alcohol from the product) once you are done making this product.

I am making a compact powder using Baby powder. I love baby powder as a setting powder. It’s great for your skin and absorbs the excess oil. It’s also said baby powders are great for oily and acne prone skin.

Nevertheless, let’s not waste any time and let’s start making these wonderful DIY products i.e. Bronzer and Compact Powder. All you need is – Continue reading DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder