DIY Anti-Hair-Fall Oil

Hair loss can be caused due to many factors such as hereditary, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, water, air, stress etc. Hair loss is obviously a matter of worry and concern.

The first step to prevent hair fall is find out the cause of your hair fall and second is to take actions to reverse the process and taking actions to grow back hair again accordingly.

If the reasons are hereditary or hormonal imbalance consult your doctor immediately. Most of the time we lose hair due to thyroids or loss of vitamin and minerals from our body. Anemia is another major reason for hair loss. I am facing hair loss and thinning due to several health reasons like hormonal imbalance and anemia. (What a combo!! :/)

Nevertheless, I am taking medications for these but I not just need to maintain my healthy lifestyle but also need to take care the external factor like keeping the scalp clean and hydrated.

Oiling is one of the best ways to treat your hair naturally. Massaging your hair with your preferred oil not only helps you to relax, but it also prevents major hair problems like hair fall, dry scalp and it strengthens and nourishes your hair.

Today’s DIY is taken from my Mom’s treasure box – Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hairloss. This consists of all the goodness to make your hair soft and lustrous, stronger roots, dandruff-free scalp, and a complete nourishment for your hair. It contains fenugreek, aloe-vera, and hibiscus flowers etc. let me share the complete recipe – Continue reading DIY Anti-Hair-Fall Oil