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Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I am Sudipta Dey from Delhi, India. Professionally I am a marketing executive in an IT company. After completing MBA I realized I love to write and recite. I started my first blog as a poet and started writing poems on emotions and feelings. I still write poems whenever I feel like to pen down my feelings and thoughts. Like everybody else even I faced Ups and Downs in my life. But one thing I learnt – “Treasure the good things and keep moving on; that’s called life.

Anyways for higher education I moved to Pune. Professional life was hectic and it started showing on my face too. I never had any severe breakouts in my school or college. But as I crossed age of 25 I had a bad acnes and pimples – “Adult acne” to be specific. That was a depressing period of my life I hardly look at the mirror. I don’t like to get clicked. I used to sit in my room for days and hardly used to go out. Ahh… Don’t want to remember those days even!!

Anyways I consulted many beauty parlors and skin specialists. But I guess they all were busy making money. It hardly made any difference to my condition in fact my skin gone worst. After so many hit and trails, the only thing which really worked for me was some great and ancient home remedies which our mothers and grandmothers suggested us from ages. If I want to give credit to anyone for my clear skin is to my Mom. Who took a step ahead to treat my skin and transformed it completely. Today my skin is all clear and healthy that it’s tough to make out whether I even had breakouts or not.

In this blog, I will share my personal experiences. Tips for good skin and hair. Products and remedies which actually works. I will also suggest some eating habits that one should have for a great health. I hope you will enjoy my journey and stories I will share here. Till then..

Keeping loving yourself because Beauty lies within you!



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