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How to Contour and Highlight your Face | For Beginners | Beauty Tips By Sud

Today’s tutorial is easy contouring and highlighting for beginners.

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It won’t take much of your time but it means a lot to me 🙂

Contouring and highlighting is just like a painting where lighting plays the main role. The dark shade gives depth to the painting whereas white places or with no shading helps in standing out those areas. Our face is like a canvas where we are playing the role of lighting. So here we contour the areas which we want to hide and highlight those points which we want to emphasize.

Contouring totally varies from face to face structure so its important to contour according to your face. You can read about different contouring for different face structure in my blog, also you can make your own bronzer cream at home HERE. Continue reading How to Contour and Highlight your Face | For Beginners | Beauty Tips By Sud

3 Vitalizing Homemade Scrubs for Face | Beauty Tips By Sud

Scrubbing your face is one of the most important step when it comes to skincare. Generally we follow the rule of cleansing, toning and moisturizing but twice in week make sure to scrub your face to get rid of dead skin.

Our skin has 3 layers – epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. This is layer a dead skin and it continuously produces dead skin. There is no blood circulation in this layer. Its main job is protect the remaining layers. But because of continuous formation of dead skin it’s important to remove so that our skin can breadth.

Regular exfoliation helps in removing deep-seated dirt, old dead skin, and improve the overall texture of your face. However, one need to remember that you should not use scrubs which have bigger granules rather pick the scrubs which are mild and soft on your skin.
Today I’m sharing 3 scrubs which not just helps in removing dirt and dead skins but it also helps in nourishing the skin and improves the texture and skin tone.

These scrubs are mild on skin and can be used daily. And the best thing just pick your favorite scrub and exfoliate your skin to have that glowing youthful skin.

Tip: If you have been over exfoliating then stop right away and let your skin heal first.


Also read the DIY Skin Care Routine for All Skin Type.
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We are migrating!

Change is a constant process and to achieve something it is advisable to move ahead while taking all your belongings and lessons.

I started this journey of blogging with all my passion for writing and with a zeal to share my views, tips and tricks straight from my mom’s and Grandma’s kitty with you all.

Therefore, WE ARE MIGRATING. And we are migrating to YouTube.

All beauty tips, makeup tutorials, health tips, fashion tips, DIYs everything in a single space. Moreover, this way I can keep a touch with you all and reply to your queries quickly. We can have Q&As sessions, Haul, live videos etc.

I wish you all would continue this journey with me.

My channel name is the same – Beauty Tips by Sud

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I will be posting thrice a week i.e. on Wednesday, Friday at 4 PM and additional on Sunday at 11 AM.

Hope to see you there soon.

XOXO beautytipsbysud

Dazzle your Skin with DIY Body Shimmer Lotion!

Hello lovely ladies! After a very long time I thought of sharing a DIY beauty product and this time its Body Shimmer lotion. In July FabBag 2015, I received Vana Vidhi Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen lotion; instantly I thought it would be real fun to prepare a DIY Shimmer lotion at home.

Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Suncreen

Let’s talk about, what is body shimmer lotion? A Body Shimmer Lotion is a moisturizing lotion with added shimmer into it which adds that extra sexiness or edge into your entire look. The body shimmer’s reflecting light makes the small imperfections in the skin less noticeable. It’s advisable to use near collarbones, legs, back and near shoulder area or anywhere you like to add that extra shine.

If you are going to beach or a pool party, this shimmery lotion will add that sexy quotient to your entire look. Remember to apply the shimmer lotion gently and allow it to absorb completely before dressing or use it once you are dressed up. Apply to the areas of your skin that reflect the most light for example your collarbone, shoulder, back, arms and legs.

In this DIY lotion, the best thing is you can use a lotion which suits your skin type or any body lotion which is your favourite, just remember one thing, pick a lotion which absorbs quickly and non-greasy in texture.

The main ingredient in this lotion is shimmer. Now the question arises from where we can buy this shimmer? So, the answer is it’s available in your make up box! Continue reading Dazzle your Skin with DIY Body Shimmer Lotion!

Are you getting married? How to get that perfect looking skin on your wedding day

Are you getting married? If yes, then you know there are so many things that need to be taken care. Starting from your dresses, makeup, shoes, jewelleries, venues, menu, guest lists and what not!

“I am going through this same phase and that’s the reason was not able to update the blog for a very long time and I’m really sorry for it.”

Besides all those above things one most important desire of any bride is to look good. We all want that flawless beautiful looking gorgeous skin on our wedding day. In today’s post let’s talk about how to get that flawless bridal glow.

First thing first you need to understand getting a flawless glowing skin is not an overnight process. It takes time, commitment and maintaining a proper routine. Nevertheless, even if you have at least a month of time in your hand these beauty tips are helpful notes to getting gorgeous skin for that big event. Continue reading Are you getting married? How to get that perfect looking skin on your wedding day

DIY Skin Care Routine for All Skin Type

Skincare, the most searched keyword across the globe. Everyone wants to look beautiful, glowing and radiant but with our lifestyle and routine somehow it shows on our faces. And after a period of time the hunt begins to get that youthful skin. However, we all know once its broken it can’t be fixed.

Skincare should begin at the age of 15 or 16, when our skin is young, virgin and not affected by day to day harsh life. If one started taking care of it in the beginning itself you will have a great skin for a longer period of time. And believe me, daily skincare is not tedious just make it a part of your life. Few simple steps and you will have a great skin for lifetime.

Other things that one should keep in mind are hygiene and cleanliness, proper use of sunscreen, regular cleanups and toning and moisturizing.

First thing first, avoid touching your face with your hands every time. Your hands carry so many things and get contaminated and may carry bacteria and dirt. Touching your face with your hands may lead to spreading of these bacteria on your face which leads to breakout and pimples. You can carry hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean and bacteria free. In fact looking at the current scenario where flu and influenza is spreading across the world keeping personal sanitation is not a bad idea. Continue reading DIY Skin Care Routine for All Skin Type

DIY Bio Oil at Home: Face and Body oil

I am reading a lot about Bio Oil these days that how it is beneficial for our face and body. Here, I thought why I can’t make my own DIY Bio Oil at home. Bio Oil is known for its Skin Care for all kinds of scars, stretch marks, skin tone, dehydrated skin and ageing skin. It’s also good for acne prone skin. Bio oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C etc. It contains Lavender Oil, Mineral Oil (as a base), Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil etc. and for the fragrance it contains rose oil and orange permitted color.

As I have discussed earlier how I am completely in love with essential oils and when it is mixed with proper base oil it enhances the properties and makes it more beneficial. In my DIY Bio Oil I have also added a spice which is known for its fairness properties. It makes your skin glowing and fair. I have used oils like coconut and jojoba oil as base oil for this DIY Bio Oil.

DIY Bio Oil at home

Did You Know? Coconut oil if applied on burns can actually heal them. It got a soothing effect which decreases the intensity of burn and heals that area quickly. Moreover, it contains Capric /Caprylic/Lauric acid which got a strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. As a result, when applied on the skin, it protects from microbial infections that can get into open wounds or even enter the body through the pores. It also contains Vitamin E which is great for skin.

Coconut Oil

Secondly, if I talk about jojoba oil, it’s known for its ultra-purist’s beauty benefits. it contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair: vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium etc. it doesn’t clog and pores, great for acne prone skin, reduces the sebum production which means it reduces the production of blackheads and whiteheads. Its anti-aging, great for skin and hair, can be used a makeup remover and even as a cuticle oil. This liquid wax is extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant and is very rare and beneficial for whole body.

Jojoba oil

Next is essential oil. Each essential oil is known for its distinctive properties. Like lavender is not just great for skin and hair but its aroma helps in reducing the stress and anxiety. Similarly, Rose essential oil however rose oils are extremely concentrated and should used under precision. Then comes the fruity essential oils like lemon, orange etc. they are rich in Vitamin C which is great for general maintenance and quality of skin and improves immunity.

essential oils

In today’s post I’m sharing a DIY Bio Oil which is a blend of different oils and essential oils plus one secret spice ingredient which makes it perfect for body and face. Use it after taking bath and once before sleep. It will nourish your skin inside out. Nevertheless, lets not waste more time and start making this wonder Bio Oil. Continue reading DIY Bio Oil at Home: Face and Body oil

Turmeric Face Pack for Pimple Marks

Happy New Year to Everyone. New Year means fresh start, self motivation, happiness and prosperity everywhere and also more beauty tips for face. Last year I wrote a poem on New Year. Poem name is Rebirth and it’s like this –


New Year Eve Outfit #sequins #mustard #winter
New Year Eve Outfit #sequins #mustard #winter

“How to begin…

When the clock strikes at 12

And the world celebrated yet another year.

I was alone at my place,

Thinking, how to begin.


Then I decided to start again,

And break all the chains.

I am fed up of crying and trying,

I know I can’t go back in time and change it.


I look for a new beginning and a fresh start,

Something to replace this hole in my heart.

A new beginning which is so real.

A new beginning which is all around.

A new beginning which last in my life.

Here I am not talking about love.

Here I am not talking about the pain.

Love that has no false hoods or lies.

Both of us have been through pain and suffering.

Both of us are done with each other.


Here, all I can say, a new beginning I have begun.

A new road I have taken off.

A new life I have started up.

A path to success or faith you can say.

A path to prosperity and gentility.


A time to start a new,

Like a fresh morning dew.

Leave the storms behind,

And look for rainbow delight.

The years will never take away,

Our chance to start a new.

It’s only the beginning now,

So dreams can still come true.

~Sudipta Dey”

Nevertheless, the post is not about poem but wonderful DIY beauty products which will help you to get rid of pimple marks. It’s called turmeric face pack. We all know the benefits of turmeric. It’s antiseptic in nature, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties etc. It is a wonder spice which has been used in India from the ancient times. We all know “haldi ubtan” is applied to Indian brides and grooms for that instant glow and for excellent exfoliation.

Turmeric is beneficial for wrinkles, acnes, stretch marks, burns, pigmentation, tanning, oily skin, skin diseases and many more. When taken as food, turmeric nourishes your skin and gives it a natural glow.

whole turmeric root

Here, I am using a whole turmeric root for this face pack. Turmeric is applied in many ways. The famous turmeric face pack is with gram flour mixed in milk/yogurt. However, gram flour is not suited for all skin-type. And I am one of them; because of gram-flour I always get breakouts (my skin is that sensitive). Therefore, I made this wonderful DIY beauty product which is suited for all skin type and its super easy to make.

All you need to make this face pack are – Continue reading Turmeric Face Pack for Pimple Marks

Happy New Year 2015: A New Year, A New Start and Way To Go

New Year means making resolutions for the next year. I started this blog with a list of few things which I have planned to accomplish by the end of this year and best thing is I Did!! (MOSTLY although)


I have lost weight which is the biggest change; now I am more fit and toned. Actually I have lost the body mass fat and improved the muscles weight. Nevertheless, the list was –

  1. Drink a lot of Water and Green Tea.<Checked>
  2. Eat BIG Breakfast, Average Lunch and a TINY Dinner.<Checked>
  3. Eat Fruits & vegetables + natural food. <Checked>
  4. Go for walk/jogging/swim/plank/bike ride/skipping etc.<Checked> (from running to jogging to stretching, planks, riding bikes and weight training.. whoohoo)
  5. Read a book or maybe 10. <Almost checked> (read 3 book)
  6. Go to bed EARLY. <Almost Checked> (at times I have to wake till 2 for work commitment)
  7. Stop thinking Negative Thoughts about “Yourself” or “Others”. (Still Working on it, I have to stop feeling SORRY for self now)
  8. Don’t Dwell on PAST. (Still working on it, it haunts me… STILL)
  9. Enjoy little things in LIFE. <Almost Checked>
  10. Begin Yoga and Meditation. (Have to be started)
  11. Don’t “Judge” Or “Compare” with Others. <Absolutely Checked>
  12. Avoid processed foods, cold drinks, junks etc. <80% of it is chucked out of my life>
  13. Listen to some good, soulful music “more”. <It was never a challenge>
  14. Start Dancing “again” <Checked, although I have left the class but I always dance in my room and even in the Gym :P)
  15. Start Painting “again” <it was never a challenge>
  16. Start Playing or learn some game (even Swimming would do). (need to learn swimming in the summers)
  17. Give away things which I don’t need any more. <Checked>
  18. Clean my room tidy and start making some “DIY” projects. <Checked>
  19. Remember that all the efforts you are making now will pay in the end.
  20. GO OUTSIDE more. <I need more Outings>


So, now I have to set some more resolutions for 2015 and it starts with; loving everyone and self more. Falling in love is not my cup of tea but still right now only few lines are coming into my mind from a song – A little too much from Natasha Bedingfield – Everybody hurts just little too much… Everybody hurts but it’s never enough… Ah, ah, we fall out then we fall back in. Ah, ah, we’re always back where we begin…. I’d rather love just a little too much”.


So, this year resolution starts with –

  • Less stress
  • Exercise more
  • Read Bhagwat Geeta
  • Learn Swimming
  • Forget and Forgive
  • Learn Something
  • Find Love


“Dates that come around every year help us measure progress in our lives. One annual event, New Year’s Day, is a time of reflection and resolution”– Joseph B. Wirthlin

XOXO beautytipsbysud

DIY Skin Primer with Healing Powers

Hello lovely ladies! First of all Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy Holidays. I hope you all are enjoying and having fun with your family members and loved ones.

Today I thought to share a quick post for skin care and make-up and Its DIY skin primer.

DIY Primer

Why we need a skin primer?
We need a primer because it helps makeup stay put longer by smoothing the surface of the skin and, sometimes, gripping onto your makeup so it stays put.

Nevertheless, the primer I am sharing is not just good for creating a base for makeup but it’s healing and good for you skin too.
A primer’s main benefits are –
• Soft skin
• Closes open pores
• Makeup stays longer
• Light in weight
• Reduces redness
• Perfect for any skin type or color
• Even skin tone and smooth appearance

It’s perfect to use in your everyday skin care. I have researched a lot upon skin primer and decided to make this skin healing and nourishing skin primer for healthy and glowing appearance.

Market is overflowing with primers but what I have found they are not pocket friendly. And this primer is not just pocket friendly but the ingredients used in this primer will help you to get rid of pigmentations and scars plus it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help improving the collagen level in your skin.

Let’s not waste time and start making this wonderful primer. You need – Continue reading DIY Skin Primer with Healing Powers