Vitamin for Hair

In my previous post, as I discussed that hair is the reflection of our health! We face hair-fall because of many reasons. One reason is deficiency of vitamins in your body. At age of 25 mostly we girls face problem regarding our health. There are problems like hormonal changes (worst) to loss of blood (anemia) to loss of vitamins.


Anemia is also one of the main reason for hair loss. So, what we can do?

My mums says, instead of applying products on your skin and hair. First eat healthy. Make your immunity strong and have a healthy diet. If you are healthy, then you won’t face any problem like hair fall or skin issues. So, eat healthy and substantial.

Now, comes the vitamin. There are two types of vitamin – one is water-soluble and other is fat soluble. Water-soluble vitamin easily flushes out from our body. So, replacement is essential. Today I will talk about what vitamins you can have –

1. B-Complex – Its combination of different vitamin B in one capsule plus it also have vitamin C in it. The major ingredient is B12 which is really good for our health and body. Vitamin B and C both are water soluble. So, you can have these capsules without any worry.

P.S. when you eat B-complex the color of your urine will be dark yellow or orangish shade. Its fine and absolutely normal.

2. There is one more vitamin, especially for hair-fall called Biotin. Biotin is also water soluble but Biotin may cause acne and breakouts. It depends on person to person actually, when I took these tabs when I had massive hair-fall I didn’t faced any acne problem but if you face any irritation or break-out just discontinue it.

3. Third important Vitamin is Vitamin E. It is fat soluble so you can have these capsules in 6 months break. Have 1 capsule each day for 10 days and then discontinue eating these tablets for 6 months at most. So, if there is any deficiency of vitamin E it will be taken care. Loss of vitamin E is mostly noticeable in women of age 30 and more. But if you have faced any severe illness recently and you are of age 25 or more; even you can have these capsules.

Till then, Stay healthy and gorgeous! Because Beauty Lies Within!! 🙂

Quick Fix for Oily Skin

We often complain about our oily skin and the pimple marks, isn’t it? Today I am sharing a simple yet super effective face pack which you can apply once in  a week and if you have super oily face then twice or thrice a week. To make this, you need –

  • sandalwood powder (chandan), natural
  • Fuller’s earth (multani mitti)
  • and calamine powder


Method – Mix these powders in 2:1:1 proportion i.e.

2 spoons of sandalwood and 1-1 spoon of rest powder. Make it in bulk and store in a dry container.

Whenever required, take 1 spoon of this pack and mix it with rose water. Apply over the clean face let it dry and wash with normal water.

You can see it reduces oil production immediately and calamine powder will reduce the spots gradually. You can get calamine powder at a chemist near you.

Note – Its a calamine powder and not a lotion!

Till then, stay beautiful 🙂