Dazzle your Skin with DIY Body Shimmer Lotion!

Hello lovely ladies! After a very long time I thought of sharing a DIY beauty product and this time its Body Shimmer lotion. In July FabBag 2015, I received Vana Vidhi Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen lotion; instantly I thought it would be real fun to prepare a DIY Shimmer lotion at home.

Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Suncreen

Let’s talk about, what is body shimmer lotion? A Body Shimmer Lotion is a moisturizing lotion with added shimmer into it which adds that extra sexiness or edge into your entire look. The body shimmer’s reflecting light makes the small imperfections in the skin less noticeable. It’s advisable to use near collarbones, legs, back and near shoulder area or anywhere you like to add that extra shine.

If you are going to beach or a pool party, this shimmery lotion will add that sexy quotient to your entire look. Remember to apply the shimmer lotion gently and allow it to absorb completely before dressing or use it once you are dressed up. Apply to the areas of your skin that reflect the most light for example your collarbone, shoulder, back, arms and legs.

In this DIY lotion, the best thing is you can use a lotion which suits your skin type or any body lotion which is your favourite, just remember one thing, pick a lotion which absorbs quickly and non-greasy in texture.

The main ingredient in this lotion is shimmer. Now the question arises from where we can buy this shimmer? So, the answer is it’s available in your make up box! Continue reading Dazzle your Skin with DIY Body Shimmer Lotion!

Once you get married, things Changes – Drastically!

Once you get married, things changes! It’s not just for the girl but for the guy as well. However, it is really hard to compare both at the same level.

After marriage you become more responsible, accountable and yeah dependent too. Actually, after marriage you confront the differences that seemed unimportant or non-existent when you were dating, but become front and centre after marriage.  It’s all about defining your priorities and defining roles. Importantly, don’t presume or have big expectations —these are the major villains of any relationship. Presuming and having big expectations that the other person will do things according to your wish is not worthy always.

Nevertheless, this blog is not about common relationship consultation forum but about the beauty and DIYs. In today’s post I am sharing some common issues we face after marriage regarding health and staying healthy.

Once you get married, the common concern is gaining weight. And it’s so obvious because of frequent dinners and lunch invitations from your friends and family. Disturbed eating schedules and definitely no gym or workout!

Simple Tips can help!

  1. Weight loss Drink – Start your day with a glass of warm water, lemon and honey. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder to make this drink not just good to drink, but cinnamon boost the weight loss naturally.
  2. Count your Steps – Secondly, if you don’t have time to go to gym; engage yourself in some extracurricular activities like walking. Walking is the best exercise one can do. Today, there are n-numbers of applications available in the store which helps you count your steps – Download it. And at least walk 7000-10,000 steps each day.
  3. Count your Calories – One should not just exercise but eat right too. Make a diet chart and follow it. Avoid sugar, starch and trans-fatty food. Include fruits, vegetables and roughage in your diet.
  4. Cut-down Alcohol – Frequent parties and alcohol; definitely contribute in the increasing waist line. Try to cut down alcohol as much as possible.
  5. Early Dinners – Try to have your dinner 2-3 hours before you go to bed. Make sure you eat light. Having light dinners definitely helps in reducing weight.
  6. Exercise with your partner – If you think going gym is boring, do it with your partner then. Make a resolution that you both will workout together. If you want something more interesting join weekend dance classes’ together – best way to spend time together and losing weight as well.

Simple little things can make our life worth! I hope these tips would help you too. Till then, enjoy and remember Beauty lies Within!

Keep Smiling!

XOXO beautytipsbysud