DIY Hair Mask – Oil Mask for hair strengthening and growth

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Its not a cake mixture, its actually an oil hair mask which promotes hair growth and strengthening. Keep looking this space for the whole recipe!

I got this amazing hair mask on however I made few changes in this recipe and also recognized its pros and cons while handling it. Frankly speaking it got NO CONS instead it’s just the texture which does not remain same once it is stored because of the heat (hot weather). I guess making this hair mask in winters would be a good deal.

This hair mask is the perfect combination of oil and water. Since childhood I heard about the benefits of applying water and oil at the same time on hair. Water helps in opening the pores of the shaft and makes it more manageable and helps in absorbing the oil in the scalp better.

This mask contains oil like coconut, castor, almond, drops of essential oil etc. Coconut oil is one of the well-known and oldest way to keep your hair nourished and soft. Castor and almond oil promotes hair re-growth and essential oil acts like a preservative in fact essential oils like peppermint and rosemary are really good for hair growth as well.

All you need is an electric beater which will give the mask the fluffy creamy texture. It’s just like making a mayonnaise where it is an emulsion of oil and water by beating it continuously and because of air molecules it make the mixture frothy and creamy.

As I discussed it will be really handy to use in winters when oil get solidified and it’s difficult to use. In the current weather conditions hair mask got liquefied (without affecting its goodness). Let’s not waste time and start making this amazing hair mask. Continue reading DIY Hair Mask – Oil Mask for hair strengthening and growth

DIY Salicylic Acid Peel At Home

People who are facing acnes or may be left with pimple marks often heard about chemical peels from the dermatologist. But these peels are way too expensive and also cause dryness and skin flakiness. There must be a simple solution to it. The Answer is YES! Its salicylic acid peel.

acid peel

I have often discussed about the benefits of salicylic acid for pimple prone skin. Salicylic acid is beneficial for reducing the redness and the cause of pimples. Dermatologist suggest you to include face washes and products which contains salicylic acid in it e.g. Johnson & Johnson’s clean and clear face wash main ingredient is salicylic acid. Now, you all be wondering why I am stressing over salicylic acid. It’s because in today’s post I am going to share an incredible DIY chemical peel at home – The Salicylic Acid Peel.

An acid peel helps in reducing the spots and marks and the salicylic acid will help in reducing the pimples as well. All the ingredients are handy and trust me this peel will not cost you more than INR 10. Yes, you heard me right. It’s only Rs. 10 or may be less.

All you need is aspirin tablets (without coating) or disprins. Aspirin and Disprin chemical composition are same and it purely contains salicylic acid. Read these reports which clearly shows the benefits of aspirin mask for acne-

Now If I discuss it little further, an acid should always be treated with base to neutralize the effects and make it. So this peel is a two step process. Nevertheless, lets discuss the ingredients and how to use it –

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