I Like

I like…

Ahh… A big list of things I like to do.. Starting from paintings, singing, dancing, cooking and of course writing. Other than these I love to travel. I want to travel world around.

What else I love… “Animals”. Well I am a dog person(at times I even feel like a dog..Hehehe :P). I even adore big cats like tigers (I really wanna go to South Africa and want to play with those cubs in a safari.) πŸ™‚

What else I like .. Hmmm.. Babies!!! Cute, golu(fat) and small little babies.. πŸ˜›

As I always say – “Puppies are like babies and babies are like puppies!” You have to care them a lot.

Next thing I like .. Working out! (Though these days I m completely laid back and doing no exercise at all) but still I enjoy walking, jogging, trekking and yoga. My idea of working out is fun and I believe dancing is the best way to keep oneself fit!!

what else I like… Hmmm (I will update that soon) πŸ™‚

Time to update something more.. I like Workouts from running on treadmills to lifting weights, stretching, yoga, planks, etc. etc.

Exercise not just made me fit but it also helped to attain a good skin and hair. I started my journey from 65kgs or something and I used to wear Large size clothes. Today I am 58kgs but I wear small or extra small at times. I targeted on fats worked on muscles development. Which helped me to get a strong and leaner body.


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