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DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder

First of all sorry for being invisible for so long therefore to compensate it; in today’s post I am sharing 2 DIY products – DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder.

I have already discussed about contouring and highlighting and how it is vital to make for face more structured and chiseled. I have also shared the DIY bronzer cream which was cream based. In today’s post I m sharing the compact based Bronzer and Powder which can be made with simple things at home and results same as those you buy from the market.

DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder
DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder

Additionally I have added Tea-Tree essential oil in these DIY products to make it more beneficial. We all know that Tea-Tree when applied on skin is amazing over infections and acnes. It’s great to reduce those acne blemishes and dark spots. It’s an effective anti-viral and anti-fungal home remedy and has several other benefits. I simply believe in investing over these great essential oils to make my DIY products more beneficial as well as valuable.

Another product which you need to make these DIY products is Rubbing Alcohol (commonly known as surgical spirit in India). It will act as a solvent and it evaporates later (you need to put it in refrigerator to remove alcohol from the product) once you are done making this product.

I am making a compact powder using Baby powder. I love baby powder as a setting powder. It’s great for your skin and absorbs the excess oil. It’s also said baby powders are great for oily and acne prone skin.

Nevertheless, let’s not waste any time and let’s start making these wonderful DIY products i.e. Bronzer and Compact Powder. All you need is – Continue reading DIY Bronzer and Compact Powder