Benefits of Drinking Water – Video

As per a report, in a human body the amount of water ranges from 60-75% which is quite a lot. So our body itself proves that water is vital. It not just uses to cleanse your body from inside out and helps in flushing out the toxins and it helps in keeping your skin glowing and hydrated. Its also beneficial for your immune system, headaches, and helps you to concentrate better. Water is essential not just for your skin, immune system, prevents constipation but it also helps in reducing those extra fats.

If you drink luke warm water before your meal and after your meal it will definitely help you to reduce those extra fats that you are always fighting for to get rid-off. More and less try to drink at least 3 litres of water throughout a day. In which drink more water in the day time as compared to night. You can keep a personal water bottle with you to keep a check how much water you are consuming.

Remember one more thing, one can’t drink water in access in one go. So, gradually increase the quantity day by day. If you still don’t like to drink water, you can always go for flavoured water and here I am not talking about those packaged bottles. You can make flavoured water at home. Simply slice some lemon, cucumber and chopped mint leaves in a jug, fill it with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a night. Consume this water next day and you can refill the jug whenever you feel like. Similarly you can also add apple or strawberry. This flavoured water helps to flush out toxins from the body.

So if you want a glowing healthy skin, soft tame tress and fit body and alert mind then start drinking water and always remember beauty lies within.



Do you want to find your perfect lipstick?

Oh this is great.. Something that will fascinate you ladies while buying a lipstick for you. I follow a simple rule before buying a lipstick shade. Either it should blend with my skin tone or compliment it in a contrast completely!!

Fit and Flare

It’s nice to wear lipstick, perhaps not everyday, but when you want to look a bit more obvious. It can pull an outfit together. And it draws attention to your face, which is important. All this discussion about clothes and body shape – the most important part of your look, the part humans are fascinated with from birth, is your face.

3 week old baby focuses on Mother Kit focuses on his Mummy’s face

Yet choosing the right shade can be very difficult.

Do my lips look good in these colours? Do my lips look good in these colours?

One of reasons is that putting colour on the back of your hand doesn’t really help. We do it because we have seen people do it from time immemorial, but all it does is make your hand stained and sticky. Not nice. The only way to select a lipstick that suits you is to try it on – on your lips. This however is a health…

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Protein Strengthening Hair Pack – To Combat Hair Fall and Hair Re-growth

After Using this pack for 3 months – hair fall is just negligible, hair is soft and shiny and its growing healthy can’t say much about volume, I guess I need to use this pack for at least an year to find out the drastic change; right now I am absolutely in love with this pack! <No Filter, No edits for this Picture>


Since I am combating with hair fall and hair thinning; I keep ensure to eat healthy and do regular hot oil massages and follow the other remedies and tips for hair regrowth. In this list, I want to add this wonderful hair pack which has done wonders on my hair. Hair fall is absolutely reduced and now my hair is more manageable, soft and silky. This protein pack consists of legumes, egg, amla & shikakayi, hibiscus flowers, fenugreek seeds and other goodness which helps in keeping your tress beautiful and healthy.

Protein Hair Pack
Protein Hair Pack

This pack not just gives nutrients to hair follicles but also provides nourishment to roots which results into stronger hair and less hair fall. In my previous posts, as I have discussed the benefits of fenugreek and hibiscus and also the role of protein in our hair. This protein pack provides all the essential nutrients. Applying this pack is simple and requires some simple steps to be followed.  And make sure; apply this pack once in a week. I am using this pack from last one month and me simply loving it.

Now I will discuss, How to apply this pack?

Hot oil massages are always good for your hair and scalp. In promotes hair growth and also helps in regulating the blood into our head. If you are facing issues like hair thinning and hair fall, one of the major reason is no blood circulation towards your head. It’s been said, “Head Stand Yogashan” is a beneficial for the blood circulation towards your head but it requires supervision otherwise you can face severe problem in your neck if it’s not done properly. Other method is applying hot oil and massages the whole head while pressing the points.

  • In this method, apply hot oil on to your head while giving at least a 10 minute massage followed by a hot towel method. Hot towel helps in opening the pores of our scalp results into deeper penetration of oil and also the pack is absorbed by the roots properly. Thereafter, apply this pack on roots and on whole hair and let it sit for at least an hour. Wash it with herbal shampoo and condition as normal.

How to Make this Pack? Continue reading Protein Strengthening Hair Pack – To Combat Hair Fall and Hair Re-growth

Fairness is Just a Hyped Word!!


Fairness is absolutely overrated. Today while I was watching a program, where a lady was blabbering about – How fairness is important to anybody and how it can be achieved by using her products. I thought why fairness is such a big issue. God made each individual different from each other, please respect that at least.

However, I believe my readers could say I am not a right person to pin point on fairness because I am not a person who can understand this pain. In India, where people refer mostly with phrases like “accha woh kali ladki” [means – who that dark skinned girl] or “andhere mei toh tere sirf daant dikhte honge” [means – in dark only your teeth must be visible]. This is called heights of racism. I know few of my friends who keep insisting me over the fact, I want to be fair is there any product, facial creams available which can make me fair. And the only answer I have – A person should be beautiful from inside. As I always say – Beauty Lies Within!

If truth be told, I know another girl who is fair like milk but does it make her any good person; I would say NO. Believe me she was one of the biggest backstabber I met across my life. I remember she told me once fairness is the only thing that she has, don’t take that from her and I was all shocked and stepped back. It’s just a way of telling you that fairness doesn’t make you a good person at any case.

Here I would like to add, what’s more important than fairness is having a healthy glowing skin. If I take examples look at Chitrangada Singh or Deepika Padukone in bollywood. They are not any fair plastic dolls but they do look stunning. Because they have flawless and glowing skin with a great toned body. One should aim for thing which can be attained i.e. aim for having a healthy and great body, great skin by eating healthy, quitting bad habits like smoking, boozing etc., drinking water, green tea. Go for walk, jogging or join some gym or sports. What’s more important is to understand the need of your body. Here you can do one thing, try to keep your skin clean, wear sunscreen from any further tanning and sun damage. Here you can also remove tanning with simple home remedies. Click Here to read the remedies. One more thing you can do, buy a Lacto bleach (tan removal) to remove tanning. Simply apply the cream mixing it with any toner and keep it for 25-30 minutes on skin. Wash it water. Keep your skin healthy, clean and glowing. Simple Isn’t!

At last, remember a person is always admired when he or she do something better for someone and not because of looks or fairness. If you are a fine person from heart you will always find the true love. Aim for achievable goals and believe in Karma. Karma reminds me those beautiful lines “Paap kya, punya kya sab bhula de. Karma kar phal ki chinta mita de” [means – forget about sin or good deeds. Just believe in karma and also forget about the returns.] Take care and stay blessed.



My July Month’s Fab Bag

Finally my fab bag arrived for this month – July. I was pretty excited to open and to see what all I got. This is my first bag and I am quite satisfied with the products; although I was expecting a lipstick into this bag as it was shown in their facebook page. Nevertheless, I personally liked the shampoo and oil kit from BioBloom and Votre’s Day Moisturizing Gel with SPF  35. Since I got an oily skin gel products always fascinates me. The shampoo and oil kit seems to be good too from the ingredients mentioned like peppermint oil, basil oil, almond, hibiscus, amla, shikakai etc. etc. which are really healthy for hair care and hair growth.


I haven’t use these products yet but I am quite positive with these products. So, Will I order the Fab Bag again? Well, why not! It seems a nice deal to me. 🙂

Why Do We Have Pimples and What your Pimple is Telling You?

pimple on face

Many of my friends asked me to give some easy facepacks and tips to get rid of pimples but have you ever thought why do you have pimples at the first place? Well, have you ever heard of something known as Face Mapping? If not, it can be the answers behind that problematic skin of yours. Face mapping is a type of skin analysis which explains why and how certain areas of your face are connected to other parts of your body. And when you have pimples on these particular areas it is the way of our body to tell you there is something that needs to be taken care of.

Okay… first thing first you may have pimples for many reasons one is constipation and not having proper digestive system, majorly people have pimples due to hormonal imbalance, other reasons are kidney, heart, respiratory system etc. In today’s post I will discuss about this face mapping and how you can analyse your skin with this. I will also share the tips that need to be followed to get rid of these pimples. Additionally, girls do have pimples when they have PMS because at this time the oil production is more in our skin than usual and testosterone and estrone productions are high which leads to pimples. Here, you can do one thing, try to keep your skin exfoliated and clean as much as possible.

Below, I am sharing a picture with some numbers over the face which represents the pimple prone areas. Each numeric value got the meaning behind the pimple occurrence and with this you can easily map your skin and prevent them from further occurrences.  Continue reading Why Do We Have Pimples and What your Pimple is Telling You?

Boozy Hair Rinse – Beer Hair Rinse

beer for hair rinse

Beer for summers is always refreshing and cool. I guess it’s the only alcohol which keeps you cool even in the scorching heat outside. But do you know beer is actually good for hair too. I am sure many of you are aware of beer shampoos which are available in today’s markets. However, in today’s post I will not just tell you the benefits of beer rinse for hair but also how to make your own personal DIY beer shampoo which is cost effective from the market.

Beer makes your limp and lifeless hair all bouncy and alive. Apparently Kareena Kappor once said in her interview that she rinse her hair with beer. Here is one thing that needs to be keep in mind for rinsing your hair with beer is that use flat beers i.e. keep the beer bottle open in the environment for an overnight. So that, all those froths disappears and you left with no-fizz beer. This no-fizz beer also fixes your frizzy hair! (Wow! From No-Fizz to Non-Frizzy, this rhyme somehow :P)

The malt and hops found in the beer are rich in protein, which ultimately nourishes and strengthens hair. The nutrients found in beer can help you to repair that dry, damaged hair to make it luscious and shiny. The protein actually helps in binding the hair which got dehydrated from blow drying, straightening or even due to harsh weather, and it restores strengthen and gives body to it. In addition, the alcohol in the beer contains vitamins B too that load up your hair with shine.

Although, there are some cases where beer doesn’t suits to your hair as it makes it even drier due to alcohol contents in it. Therefore, always pre check once before going to use it further. And for this you can do one more thing, mix water in the beer so that its get diluted even further or may be use it with tea liqueur for it.

Hair is made of a protein called keratin, further it got medulla, cortex, and cuticle. Now, hair cuticles are generally porous in nature. More it’s porous, frizzier and drier the hair. So, when you rinse your hair with beer, the beer molecules actually get into these pores and its natural ingredients coat each strand and give hair-nourishing benefits to hair.

So, How to Rinse your Hair with Beer? Continue reading Boozy Hair Rinse – Beer Hair Rinse

DIY Anti-Aging Serum: My Tangy Vitamin-C Serum

vitamin c for skin

When you are about to turn 30 in couple of years, one thing which keep bugging you is aging. Women are always worried about wrinkles, pigmentations, age spots and other signs of aging. If you got an oily skin now at least you can say thanks to your skin as it ages slowly as compared to the dry skin.

Well, one product which needs to be applied without a fail is a sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen protects our skin from further damage from harmful sunrays and slows the process for aging. Another product which reverse the harmful effects of sunrays in Vitamin C. This report justifies that vitamin C effectively prevents or reverses skin damage, Click Here to read the report.

I was looking for a DIY serum which not just prevents the skin damages but also reduces or fades any pimple marks, pigmentations and age spots etc. And I found this amazing serum that you can make easily at home with few ingredients. You can find the same serums at stores too but they are quite expensive and on the other hand this DIY Vitamin C serum is not just effective but cost effective too. Moreover, you can make fresh batch of these serums in every 10 days.

Before I share the recipe of this serum, let’s understand why Vitamin C is beneficial. Vitamin C is a powerful and effective antioxidant that protects our body and skin from any kind of free radicals. It protects the skin from ultraviolet radiations and the also from sunlight exposure etc.  It replaces damaged tissue and also improves the skin elasticity. It protects from any kind of skin discoloration and improves the skin texture too and this list goes on. Vitamin C is not just good for skin but for the whole body i.e. for hair, nails, common cold, bones etc. So, even consuming vitamin C is really beneficial for you.

DIY Vitamin C Serum

How to use the Vitamin C serum?

It’s super easy to use and apply. Simply wash your face and spray some toner or rose water on your face. Now take few drops of this serum in your hand and pat it all over the face and massage a little then let it dry by its own. Then apply your regular moisturizer and sunscreen as usual.

Nevertheless let’s discuss the recipe of this serum – Continue reading DIY Anti-Aging Serum: My Tangy Vitamin-C Serum

Tips for Thick Eyebrow and Eyelashes

Woman eyelahes

Who don’t like those long eyelashes and thick eyebrows! I believe everyone does. So, is there any recipe to make them thick and beautiful. Well, Indeed!! Our granny’s and mommy’s Pandora boxes got solution to it.

And believe me its simple too! However, before I precede any further we have to understand the pattern behind it. Some people are blessed with thick eyebrows and long eyelashes whereas some people got scanty ones. But don’t lose hope. I am not saying that within few days you will see the results but you will definitely find a difference if you are regular with it.

It’s again like dealing with hair re-growth. And definitely procedure would be the same but with few changes. First thing first, eat. Eat healthy and nutritious that the most important thing. Today people are blindly running towards dieting but believe me with dieting you will find a difference for sure but the side effects are pale skin, tiredness and dizziness etc. instead going for any dieting. Start going for some exercises even dance would help. And of course with a control your diet with a proper chart or plan.

I will definitely share my thoughts and views over the controlled food intake, diet charts and healthy eating in my next post. But now let’s talk about the long lashes. Blink blink.. 😉 Continue reading Tips for Thick Eyebrow and Eyelashes

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