Combating Thinning Hair: Tips for Hair Regrowth

Hair loss problem

Even after having such long thick hair, today I am left with lifeless thin hair. Reason behind this problem – I would say; MANY… first is stress, change of climate, hard water, irregular food habits, flat irons and hair colors. After experimenting with my hair over these many years I realised I have lost a lot of hair. And now it’s worrying me even more.

Recently I went to a hair expert or I would say a doctor, she told me I am suffering from hair thinning in the crown area. She showed the images where at some area I have hair coming out of one root is two or three but at crown area there is less growth. The matter of worry!!! So what to do? One is go for those expensive treatments which never take the guarantee of hair regrowth and also claims that it could be hereditary. If it’s hereditary then you may not see the result because it’s hormonal and nothing can be changed. But if the case is different like me i.e. excessive use of flat irons or blow dryers, hair colors, food disorders, stress and other etc. Then may be these tips may help you to cure the hair thinning and hair loss.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, I am sharing the tips which I have tried over me and which actually helped me to combat hair loss.

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Simple Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan


After spending a fun filled vacation at Rishikesh, I came back with a bundle of awesome memories plus sun tanning. Now it’s time to remove those tanning from the body and face. Although I used sun screen lotion but since in water nothing can stay, so mostly we get very tanned near sea coasts and river coast areas. Moreover, as we all know, sunscreen sprays are not safe, so we are left with nothing but getting tan.

Nevertheless, tanning is a process which is constant whether its winter or summer. Here, we should understand how to cure them or prevent them. For prevention wear covered clothes, hats or caps and wear sun screen lotion etc. But if you got tanned then in today’s post you will some home remedies to remove tanning quickly.

To remove sun tanning there are some steps that need to keep in mind. First is scrubbing and next is applying packs. Scrubbing helps in removing dead skin and pack helps in restoring that lost nutrients. Continue reading Simple Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan

Fenugreek a Wonder Spice: Benefits of Fenugreek


Fenugreek a wonder spice! This herb or spice is without a doubt is just phenomenon. Fenugreek seeds and leaves are obtained from herbs and in India it’s commonly known as “Methi”. When it comes to beauty, this herb can heal you from head to toe. Yes from head to toe. Name any beauty problem and fenugreek got a solution to it. Facing hair falls? Use fenugreek paste. Skin issues like pimples and rashes again fenugreek is the solution. It’s not just a beauty remedy but it’s good for a healthy body too.

I am a Bengali, fenugreek was first introduced to me when I was kid in the form of – Mix of 5 spices called “Paanch Phoron” a blend of 5 different spices. It is also known as panch puran, panch phoran, panchphoran, panch phutana etc. But in Bengali we call it Paanch Phoron. I remember it clearly my mom used this 5 spice in a Mango Chutney (ahhh… summers and mango chutney goes hand in hand 😛 ). Anyways, the story was I asked my mom see I found stone in my chuntney and my mom said that’s not stone but methi and its good for you. The time I chewed it… eee I find it bitter in taste. And as a kid you don’t like bitter tasting food for sure. But now when I think over it, I think all bitter tasting foods and spices are good for your body.

And Fenugreek is an absolute delight. Today I will discuss all the benefits of fenugreek and how it is good for our body and health. Fenugreek take cares of skin and hair, concerns with your increasing waist lines, cure of your constipation and even body ache and it’s really beneficial for the people who got diabetics. So, let’s jot down the best advantages of fenugreek in our diet and get the best out of it – Continue reading Fenugreek a Wonder Spice: Benefits of Fenugreek

20 Things to Start Doing…

20 things to start doing

  1. Drink a lot of Water and Green Tea.
  2. Eat BIG Breakfast, Average Lunch and a TINY Dinner.
  3. Eat Fruits & vegetables + natural food.
  4. Go for walk/jogging/swim/plank/bike ride/skipping etc.
  5. Read a book or maybe 10.
  6. Go to bed EARLY.
  7. Stop thinking Negative Thoughts about “Yourself” or “Others”.
  8. Don’t Dwell on PAST.
  9. Enjoy little things in LIFE.
  10. Begin Yoga and Meditation.
  11. Don’t “Judge” Or “Compare” with Others.
  12. Avoid processed foods, cold drinks, junks etc.
  13. Listen to some good, soulful music “more”.
  14. Start Dancing “again”
  15. Start Painting “again”
  16. Start Playing or learn some game (even Swimming would do).
  17. Give away things which I don’t need anymore.
  18. Clean my room tidy and start making some “DIY” projects.
  19. Remember that all the efforts you are making now will pay in the end.
  20. GO OUTSIDE more.




Sorry!! I Got Disappeared …

Really sorry that I got disappeared for a long time. Busy schedules, office commitments and no weekends just made me so involved that I was not able to spare some quality time to this blog. But now I am Back with a Bang!! BOOM… 😛

Since I have resigned from my office and took a break for a short period of time, now I can devote time not just to blogging but to myself too!!

So, what is the agenda for this time?

  1. Become Healthy and Fit. For this I have started doing cardio like jogging and brisk walking and soon gonna try some plank exercises and weight lifts! I will share my workout styles and records with you and also the progress reports.
  2. Some more beauty tips for this harsh summers. Means clearer skin even in summers without looking dull and exhausted. Summers are bad for the people who have oily and combination skin, so I will discuss some easy beauty tips with so that you won’t face any issues regarding pimples and rashes. I will share home-made recipes and also some effective products which can be used to keep the summer at bay.
  3. Hair Tips! Dude even I am facing big time issues with hair these days; as I am facing hair thinning and hair loss problems, I keep on trying the home remedies to get rid of it. But the stressful life and other health problems need to be taken care in my case. I hope in a year or something I can see some good results. Yes! For hair you really have to spend more time as compared to skin.
  4. Eating Tips. Yes! That’s important too, for a healthy body inside out. I will share some healthy recipes and tips which will help you to have good body and mind.

So, I hope you guys are with me! And I promise now, this gurl from now onwards would be with you by giving nice tips and suggestions in a regular interval of time! Additionally, please suggest me, what all you guys want to know, I will definitely work over those areas too, to find out the best possible answer! Take Care and Stay Beautiful. 🙂

Vitamin for Hair

In my previous post, as I discussed that hair is the reflection of our health! We face hair-fall because of many reasons. One reason is deficiency of vitamins in your body. At age of 25 mostly we girls face problem regarding our health. There are problems like hormonal changes (worst) to loss of blood (anemia) to loss of vitamins.


Anemia is also one of the main reason for hair loss. So, what we can do?

My mums says, instead of applying products on your skin and hair. First eat healthy. Make your immunity strong and have a healthy diet. If you are healthy, then you won’t face any problem like hair fall or skin issues. So, eat healthy and substantial.

Now, comes the vitamin. There are two types of vitamin – one is water-soluble and other is fat soluble. Water-soluble vitamin easily flushes out from our body. So, replacement is essential. Today I will talk about what vitamins you can have –

1. B-Complex – Its combination of different vitamin B in one capsule plus it also have vitamin C in it. The major ingredient is B12 which is really good for our health and body. Vitamin B and C both are water soluble. So, you can have these capsules without any worry.

P.S. when you eat B-complex the color of your urine will be dark yellow or orangish shade. Its fine and absolutely normal.

2. There is one more vitamin, especially for hair-fall called Biotin. Biotin is also water soluble but Biotin may cause acne and breakouts. It depends on person to person actually, when I took these tabs when I had massive hair-fall I didn’t faced any acne problem but if you face any irritation or break-out just discontinue it.

3. Third important Vitamin is Vitamin E. It is fat soluble so you can have these capsules in 6 months break. Have 1 capsule each day for 10 days and then discontinue eating these tablets for 6 months at most. So, if there is any deficiency of vitamin E it will be taken care. Loss of vitamin E is mostly noticeable in women of age 30 and more. But if you have faced any severe illness recently and you are of age 25 or more; even you can have these capsules.

Till then, Stay healthy and gorgeous! Because Beauty Lies Within!! 🙂

Quick Fix for Oily Skin

We often complain about our oily skin and the pimple marks, isn’t it? Today I am sharing a simple yet super effective face pack which you can apply once in  a week and if you have super oily face then twice or thrice a week. To make this, you need –

  • sandalwood powder (chandan), natural
  • Fuller’s earth (multani mitti)
  • and calamine powder


Method – Mix these powders in 2:1:1 proportion i.e.

2 spoons of sandalwood and 1-1 spoon of rest powder. Make it in bulk and store in a dry container.

Whenever required, take 1 spoon of this pack and mix it with rose water. Apply over the clean face let it dry and wash with normal water.

You can see it reduces oil production immediately and calamine powder will reduce the spots gradually. You can get calamine powder at a chemist near you.

Note – Its a calamine powder and not a lotion!

Till then, stay beautiful 🙂

Quick Hair Tip: Hibiscus Flower

Are you facing hair-fall?

Hair is the reflection of your health. Hair fall main reasons could be stress, climatic conditions, health reasons and poor care. If you’re facing hair fall then reason could be seasonal change too. Remember when there is climatic change you will face hair fall for sure. Another thing, if you are facing hair fall from a long time, it means time to change your shampoo or hair oil. Get some mild shampoos and use it diluted. It means in a mug take 1/4th of water and mix shampoo in it (of same quantity that you normally use for shampooing) and wash your hair with this solution.

Hair-oil Tips: There many hair oil which you can make at home. One is mixing different oils like mix olive oil, almond oil and castor oil and apply it regularly. I will tell, other oiling methods too in coming posts.

Quick fix for hair : Hibiscus Flowers are really good to get rid of hair fall.

Hibiscus flower

Simply grind hibiscus flower, its leaves, aloe vera and methi (fenugreek) powder together and make a paste like this. This paste is really slimy and sticky, but anything for healthy hair! 🙂

flower paste


Apply this mixture onto your hair and keep it for 1 hour at least. Apply on roots especially. The longer you keep its better! Wash it with normal water.

If you have any query or confusion. Send me an e-mail or simply comment on post. You can also send a mail, If you are looking for any particular tip or something. Till then, Be happy!! 🙂

Post2: Basic Care


Everybody will suggest you for basic care or routine care. Well that’s absolutely true and essential. Basic care means –

                    Cleaning –> Toning –> Moisturizing

But now the question arises what you supposed to do cleaning Toning And moisturizing??

Every skin demands special attention and care. I will discuss each step according to skin type i.e. normal, dry, oily and mixed type!

NORMAL– If you have normal skin just give big thanks to your parents and your hormones. For you skin care is little easier than the other types of skin.

  • Cleaning – Cleaning means removing dirt particles from your skin. Never use soap.. (It applies for all skin types!) Use face-wash. Natural face-wash are good for you. Like face-wash made from fruits like strawberry or apple. Or face-wash made from aloe Vera. You can also use cream base face wash too but I will suggest to use it in winters.

Note – P.S. it’s important to understand every brand got different s types of ingredients used in the making. So it’s possible some ingredients can even react to your skin or suits you well. So pick your face wash according to your skin and if there is any kind of reaction, rashes or irritation discontinue that product.

  • Toning – Best toner for your skin type is rosewater. Rose water is best toner for all skin type. Specific rose toners are available in the market too.

  • Moisturizing – Now the most tricky part. Creams based things generally clog your skin pores and it won’t allow your skin to breath. (remember this tips applies to all skin type). Applying dollop of cream is not a solution. Let your skin absorb the cream properly. There should be no oil residue left on your skin. If you feel like you can apply more later.

Choose skin creams which suits you. Don’t start running to buy any new product just looking at the fascinating advertising. Always check the ingredients and if you still feel like switching to any cream just jump into the same brand but different product may be. Check the ingredients of the product which suits and buy your next cream which is made of the same ingredients of the product you use generally.

Now for DRY SKIN – Really tough to care in winters. Dry skin have a big problem of freckles and wrinkles. Because of dryness they loose the natural elasticity of skin. So, this type of skin needs attention too.

  • Cleaning – You can use cream based face-wash easily. Which moisture your skin and don’t make it dry. So pick products with a great care.

  • Toning – Toning is important for dry skin too. For dry skin use toners made from orange oil. Orange toners are really good as orange give nourishment and shine to your face. If your skin is dull and lifeless it will help in getting rid of it.

note– People those who have oily skin can use orange toners at times in winters for a youthful and glowing skin.

  • Moisturizing – Again cream base or heavy creams for you to make your skin supple and smooth. Baby creams are really good for skin as its mild and as its are specially made for babies. So there is less use of chemicals. right choice for moisturizing.

OILY and MIXED type of skin – Ahhh the most problematic skin. I am one of them in that list. Pimples, rashes and acne and what not! This routine is specially for this type of skin. Make it a ritual if you have oily skin.

  • Cleaning – Again pick face wash according to skin type. salicylic acid wash or products having salicylic acid as an ingredients are good for your skin. I use johnson & johnson’s clean and clear forming face wash. people also use neutrogena face wash for pimples but it didn’t suit me at all. In fact I had bad rashes after using it. I also like garnier face washes. You use the product which suits you but just check for salicylic acid ingrdient in it. 
  • Toning – This is the most important step for oily skin. Toning not just tone your skin but removes excess oils and dirt particles from deep pores too. use toners or astringent mixed with water or rose water. I use astringent mixed with rose water. It cool down my skin and clean the pores.
  • Moisturizing –  Again look for products which have salicylic acid in it. It helps in getting rid of pimples. Once pimples are treated next step is to remove the marks. ( I will discuss that in my coming posts). Don’t use cream based products. In fact use serum based or water based products its best for oily skin. I use a local product from kolkata and it did wonder for me. I will share my lotion details too in coming posts.


  • All I say, Be particular about this routine.  Use it two times in a day. Once in the morning when you are getting ready for your work or school, and another when you are going for bed.
  • One more thing, use of Sunscreen. Always use sunscreen when you step out in sunlight.
  • Exfoliation and removal of dead skin is another vital process that i will be discussing in next post.

Till then, Keep Smiling! Its a best way to look awesome!


Post 1: Hello All

Yay! My first post for this blog. So, Hi everyone. I Hope you guys are doing well. Little confused how to begin with but first of all, want to thanks my friends those actually asked me to start writing a blog for all these tips I used to give them. And special Thanks to Dimpy Pawar; who is the actual inspiration behind this blog. Thanks Gurl! :*

photo (2)This is me at my friend’s wedding and believe me I didn’t use any base or foundation. My skin is really sensitive, so whenever I use foundations or base, either my skin got some rashes or pimple. So, I simply avoid it.  To get a clear skin, the first thing you have to understand is “whatever you eat, it reflects on your skin, so eat healthy!”

Eat everything but in moderation. Everybody talks about to avoid junk foods. I will say the same, but if you have junk food too once in a blue moon it hardly makes a difference. Eat whatever you feel like but flush out toxic from your body. Have liquid diets like juices and soups, milk and curd (yogurt) which are really good for skin. So consume them each day without a fail.

Fruits and vegetables are next. I love fruits and I have all seasonal fruits from bananas to grapes to apple to watermelon. I like everything and I make sure to grab one fruit at least in day. It not just help me to get rid of all hunger pangs I have at times. But also helps me not to gain weight! Easy #tip, isn’t?

To start with – 

  • Drink at least 3 liters or 8-9 glasses of water in a day.
  • Have fresh juices (without sugar and salt); avoid package juices too. You can have coconut water (green coconut) too its rich in vital minerals which is good for your digestive system and skin.
  • oats are also good for your digestive system

# At times, we have skin problems because of indigestion and improper diet. So, its important to eat healthy and on time.

This is all for today, I guess I have shared one basic rule to start the journey of beautiful skin that we all have. Till then, remember – Beauty Lies within! 




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