How to Contour and Highlight your Face | For Beginners | Beauty Tips By Sud

Today’s tutorial is easy contouring and highlighting for beginners.

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Contouring and highlighting is just like a painting where lighting plays the main role. The dark shade gives depth to the painting whereas white places or with no shading helps in standing out those areas. Our face is like a canvas where we are playing the role of lighting. So here we contour the areas which we want to hide and highlight those points which we want to emphasize.

Contouring totally varies from face to face structure so its important to contour according to your face. You can read about different contouring for different face structure in my blog, also you can make your own bronzer cream at home HERE.

Well, there are so many products available in the market from contouring to corrector kit to just a kit of contour and highlighting only. I personally have 2 contour kits –

  1. A. Girl Pro cream contouring kit, Tan shade –
  2. A.L Los Angeles Contour Chiselled Corrective Kit – Set No.2 –

There is one more option that can be used for daily contouring. And it’s by using 2 foundation shade in which one shade should be darker to your skin tone (used for contouring) and other foundation should be lighter than your skin tone (used as highlighter). This is perfect when you don’t want to overdo. Generally the contouring kits are cream based therefore it is not suitable for oily skin. By using a good coverage foundation or correctors of different color this purpose can be solved easily.

Products used –

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