DIY Bronzer Cream: Magic of Contouring at Home with Only 2 Ingredients

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities always look so picture perfect with their defined nose and high cheekbones with flawless complexion? The secret is contouring. Contouring vary with face to face structure or with different structure of face cuts i.e.  for round face contouring will be different compared to an oval face or a heart shaped face. Contouring is complimented with highlights to make your face more defined and structured.


Although, contouring means complete understanding of your face cut and the art of blending. You have to blend the sharp lines in such a way that it should look natural and complementing. Today market is full of bronzers of different companies. First thing first, never use shimmery bronzer. It actually highlights the area if its shimmery and technically bronzer should be matt so that it conceals the area to make it look more structured. On the other hand your highlighter should be shimmery so that it stands out.

Contouring actually creates an illusion of slimmer or chiselled face for women. So the dark color bronzer hides the areas which make your face look more defined and structured.

Below I am sharing a chart which explains the art of contouring and highlighting –

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

Now let’s come to today’s post DIY Bronzer cream i.e. making a bronzer cream at home. Spending money over bronzer is not a smart move instead invests that money on blending or contouring brushes for more professional look. You can make your own contouring cream with just two ingredients and it’s absolutely safe for your skin moreover it’s natural. Just remember while making this always test first with your skin tone.

Best thing about this DIY bronzer is you will find all the ingredients in your kitchen pantry. To make this you need –

  • 2 teaspoon Cocoa Powder (not chocolate powder, use unsweetened cocoa powder)
  • ¼ teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon corn starch powder if you want light tone bronzer ( I got a warm skin tone (Indian skin tone) I didn’t mix corn starch in it)
  • 2 teaspoon moisturizer or cream of your choice (I used a herbal cream which I have been using for couple of years now and its perfect for my sensitive skin; you can use any cream which you have been using daily basis)
  • Small container to store it


Take a plastic mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste. If you are making a bronzer of little lighter shade as per your skintone add corn starch accordingly.

Note – Remember a bronzer is supposedly little dark in shade comparing to your natural skin tone.

How to Apply?

Let your foundation or BB Cream dry completely before applying the contour and highlight, make sure your base it ready to use.  Therefore, the result will be such that it will look way more natural and not streaky. Also use 2 separate brushes for the bronzer and the blush.

Blend everything in a circular motion. You will be surprised how easy this is and how great it looks instantly! At last apply powder to set the makeup properly. Just remember one rule – Blend, blend, blend…

contouring highlight whole

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any queries send me an email or simply comment below! Remember BEAUTY LIES WITHIN!

XOXO beautytipsbysud

11 thoughts on “DIY Bronzer Cream: Magic of Contouring at Home with Only 2 Ingredients”

  1. can i change the ingredient? instead of using cocoa powder, use chalk pastel. or is it gonna ruin my skin?

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